Meet Jen ...

I grew up in Gulf Shores, moving around the country over the years but always returning home because there is nothing like our sweet, laid back community. I live with husband Jason, son Kai and our three fur babies Francis, Bhakti and Chompers.I began practicing yoga poses initially to decrease pain in my lower back when I was 17 years old, using my mom's yoga book with black and white photos. Like so many, I practiced to relieve pain, and gain more strength and flexibility. I not only gained strength and felt better, I gained strength in my spirit and got little tastes of what a mind at peace would look like and feel like. I have always had a love for yoga, what I thought was yoga, and practiced on and off for many years, but did not have a serious disciplined practice until I experienced Vinyasa style yoga on a healthy lifestyle channel on cable, I practiced at home for a few years until we got a hot yoga studio in my town, Glow Yoga. I began to learn yoga poses,(asanas) were just a little taste of Yoga. Through practices like asana, meditation, pranayama, and service to others I found a new perspective, the sweetness called Rasa by the yogis is a magic elixir that we all have inside us, yoga practices release this magic juice. Yoga cleared my mind and heart and showed me I was not on the path meant for me, I was not living my Dharma by staying in an extremely stressful career. I always dreamed of teaching yoga and took my first 100 hour Baptiste style teacher training at Glow with Sid Yoga in 2013 and the purposeful life I had been searching for became clear. I was soon off to Hawaii to study at Yandara Yoga, and attended an intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training. At Yandara I immersed myself in the study of a variety of yoga styles, various techniques of meditation, mantra practice, Bhakti and pranayama. I am beginning a 300 hour yoga teacher training with my mentor Rebecca Sathre owner of URU Yoga in Pensacola and will be in deep study of Rasa Yoga for the next year. I believe we never stop learning and we never stop teaching and I want to be an exceptional teacher.

My big dreams keep coming true as God, Spirit, Divine, Goddess whatever you want to name it, guides me through this life. I am now a certified Thai Yoga Therapist and Reiki Master and get to do work I am passionate about one on one. I am planning my 4th annual Awakened Life Yoga Festival, I have co-hosted 5 yoga retreats and cook for retreats throughout the year with my company Roots to Wellness and...I just opened my yoga studio Roots to Wellness in July!


Whether you are an experienced yogi or a brand new yogi you are welcomed to yoga, whether you are flexible or not, yoga is your right, whether you are skinny, curvy, heavy, tall, short, young or old, you can do yoga practices. Yoga means unity, to yolk mind, spirit and body. I have an abundance of friends in my yoga family and that family welcomes you, so PUT ON YOUR STRETCHY PANTS AND GET TO IT!!

Many Blessings!

Jen Hammonds