Our Instructors


Jen Hammonds

Jen Hammonds is the owner and operator of Roots to Wellness.

I have always had a love for yoga,. Through practices like asana, meditation, pranayama, and service to others I found a new perspective, the sweetness called Rasa by the yogis is a magic elixir that we all have inside us, yoga practices release this magic juice. Yoga cleared my mind and heart.

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Donna Holmes

I was first introduced to Yoga in the late 1980’s. My interpretation of Yoga was a great way to obtain deep muscle stretch and release, so I incorporated it into my workouts at the gym. I had no other information regarding the history or any other benefits. Years later, my eyes and heart were opened and I began my journey to discover all of the life changing experiences of Yoga.

Since becoming a teacher my love for Yoga has changed. Now the benefits not only serve me but I can serve others as well. I am a licensed massage therapist and for many years have had the pure pleasure of helping others find new techniques to use for relief from pain.

Now of course, I have Yoga to offer as a lifestyle change for a better way to ‘be’. I am constantly amazed of the advantages of inner connection of mind, body and spirit and use that connection daily for myself as well as for others. My greatest joy comes from sharing with someone who is new to the magnificent world of Yoga.


Marsha Molloy

Hi. I am Marsha, a 47 year old mother of 2 grown children, Anthony and Christina.  Also, my loving boyfriend and I care for 13 pets including 6 dogs, 6 hens and 1 rabbit on our homestead in Elberta, Al.  These are my best blessings.

My accomplishments include graduating from Pensacola State College with an Associate's degree and earning my 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate in 2016.

Practicing and teaching yoga connects me with others who are leading healthy lifestyles and helps me to see daily challenges in a positive light. In addition to yoga, I enjoy nature walks, Barre, gardening, raising hens, as well as reading and trying out healthy recipes.  My goals are to continue educating myself and to maintain a healthy balance with life's forever changing needs. I hope to encourage others to grow what they have space for and develop a fitness level that enables them to live their best lives, happily.

“The very heart of yoga practice is ‘abyhasa’ – steady effort in the direction you want to go.”


Jamie Anderson

My name is Jamie Anderson. I am originally from the Nashville area. I started doing yoga because someone asked me to go. I felt the physical benefits instantly is why I continued. It wasn’t until I experienced hardship that I finally realized what yoga was doing for me spiritually. I ended up starting my first 200-hour hot yoga teacher training in Tennessee after I became unhappy with my new “dream job.” I really didn’t have any intention of teaching, but I knew I needed more of something. I have since completed my 500-hour certification through the Gates/Kantra teacher training in Fairhope, AL. It was the best decision of my life. The training was so powerful that I was encouraged to complete my circle of knowledge by joining the Kantra Calm School of Yoga 200-hour teacher training. I also have my Galactic Child Training through Breathe in Pensacola. I will always be a student learning as much as I can, so that I can teach to whoever shows up. Namaste


Jan McVey

I grew up  in Clay County Al in the east central part of the state.  I am a graduate of the University of Alabama and married Tom McVey, an Auburn graduate.  I have a son Jason and a daughter Julie. I taught school in Morgan County and worked on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville before retiring to Gulf Shores in 1999.

Having suffered from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and depression, I became an advocate for persons with mental illnesses. Knowing yoga helped with these illnesses, I began taking yoga classes ten years ago.  A year later I had an automobile accident and the yoga helped my broken bones heal faster.  Three years ago I took a 200 hour teacher training course and I have taught at Bodenhamer Rec Center since.  I wish I had known about yoga much sooner and I feel it makes us a little kinder.


Tracy Witte

Hi, my name is Tracy Witte and I am one of the instructors here at Roots to Wellness.  My journey in yoga began 10 years ago in Hawaii, where the stress from Hotel Accounting Management led me to seek a way to calm my mind and find my center. I love the way yoga uses your own body weight to build power, strength and elegance. Practicing pranayama allows me to focus on my inner calm.  With each day’s practice I become stronger and more confidant.  I have learned to be patient and respectful of my body knowing that change takes time and consistency.  As I began to feel better and stronger I knew this feeling had to be shared and I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training this year.  

My style of teaching is slower and more methodical than you may have seen elsewhere.  I believe in one breath, one movement, check alignment, feel the power of your body, and breath!  I look forward to seeing you on your mat and guiding you on a journey into yoga.